Hoshuko Alumni Association, Inc. (HAA) is a non-profit alumni organization incorporated in 2004, consisting of students who have attended any "hoshuko" within the United States. Hoshuko is a Japanese language school supported by the Japanese government, which children from K-12 attend on weekends in addition to their American school English curriculum. Our purpose is to create a network between alumni members of the Japanese Weekend Schools (補習校) and to develop those relationships through social & academic events.

Past Board of Directors for the Hoshuko Alumni Association, Inc. are:

 Mimi Tsuruga: President 

Yoshihisa Ishizuka: Vice President

Masaaki Tom Takigayama: Art Director [2008-2010]

 Yoko Majima: Regional Manager [2010-2010]

Yuki Mikawa: Secretary

 Tomonori Tsujita: Treasurer [2004-2009]

 Yuka Nishii: Treasurer [2008-2011]
 Hideki Kinoshita: Membership Director [2008-2011]

 Hideki Aono: Art Director [2011]